Sarah Myerscough Gallery

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Sarah Myerscough Gallery
15-16 Brooks Mews
020 7495 0069
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Contrapuntal 2:13
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Night London Skyline Blue
Artist  Jenny Pockley
Image Title  Night London Skyline Blue
Year  2014
Medium  Painting

Indigo Skyline
Artist  Jenny Pockley
Image Title  Indigo Skyline
Year  2014
Medium  Painting

Red Skyline
Artist  Jenny Pockley
Image Title  Red Skyline
Year  2014
Medium  Painting

Field Edge 1
Artist  Andrew Mackenzie
Image Title  Field Edge 1
Year  2014
Medium  Multiple

Scots Pine 1
Artist  Andrew Mackenzie
Image Title  Scots Pine 1
Year  2013
Medium  Painting

Keep them Sweet
Artist  Maisie Broadhead
Image Title  Keep them Sweet
Year  2010
Medium  Photography

Speaking at a Machine
Artist  Maisie Broadhead
Image Title  Speaking at a Machine
Year  2013
Medium  Photography

Nr 1 DD13
Artist  Thomas Bohle
Image Title  Nr 1 DD13
Year  2013
Medium  Sculpture

This Feels like a Story
Artist  Andy Stewart
Image Title  This Feels like a Story
Year  2012
Medium  Mixed media, Painting

St Pauls X
Artist  Alicia Dubnyckyj
Image Title  St Pauls X
Year  2013
Medium  Painting

Verge 3
Artist  Andrew Mackenzie
Image Title  Verge 3
Year  2013
Medium  Painting
Gallery Profile

Sarah Myerscough Gallery was established in London's West End in 1998 as a space for both emerging and established British artists. The gallery exhibits a range of painting, photography, and contemporary craft and design with the aim of encouraging innovation and cutting edge vitality, as well as a strong emphasis on distinguished technical skill and artistic integrity in contemporary art. Through a programme of solo and curated group exhibitions, the gallery aims to present the public with a diversity of artists whose work exemplifies the above skills and qualities, establishing the space as a context for progressive contemporary art that is also aesthetically admirable. The gallery continues to find fresh talent from leading British art schools as well as supporting and developing the international careers of the gallery's more established artists.

Exhibiting Artists
Thomas Bohle
Maisie Broadhead
Michael Corkrey
Alicia Dubnyckyj
James Lumsden
Andrew Mackenzie
Jenny Pockley
Marc Ricourt
Andy Stewart
Sean Fairman
Sean Roh
Sandra Blow
Friedemann Buehler
Grant McCaig
Jim Partridge
Barry Cawston
Paul Riley
Forthcoming Events
Michael Corkrey: Wave Breaking Over Rock - 18 October - 23 November, SOFA Chicago - 1-3 November, Contemporary Crafts Show - December 2013