Art Projects 2013

Take a look at some of the galleries that appeared in Art Projects in 2013: Ceri Hand Gallery, BEARSPACE, Works|Projects and PEER, in this fantastic video produced by Axisweb.

Favourite Works

Axisweb speak to visitors at London Art Fair 2013 to find out their favourite work on display and why.


Lund Humhpries: Richard Woods

Richard Woods designed Lund Humphries' stand at London Art Fair 2013. See the stand come together and watch an interview with the artist, made by Lund Humphries.

Richard Woods launched his new book, The Art and Craft of Richard Woods, at the Fair. More information


Axisweb: Mark Turner's Tips for Collecting

Art collector Mark Turner speaks to Axisweb about his reasons for collecting contemporary art.

Axisweb: Own Art Meets Mr & Mrs Quick

Michael and Hilary Quick prefer to support artists and buy art rather than invest their money in the bank. They really value the relationship they have developed with the gallery they like to buy works from, as the advice they receive helps them to make informed decisions about their purchases.

They often buy works that remind them of times in their lives and places they have lived. Own Art makes it possible for them to live with the artworks that they love.

Produced by our partners Axisweb and Own Art

Axisweb: Own Art Meets David Parkin

David Parkin talks to Own Art about collecting contemporary art. A great rapport with galleries and getting to know artists personally has helped increase his confidence around what to buy, to the point he’s now comfortable collecting pieces of higher value than he would have considered originally. For David, the thought of selling works from his collection, would seem a bit like selling his children.

Produced by our partners Axisweb and Own Art

Axisweb: Own Art Meets Jane Wilde and Adrian Lear

Jane Wilde and Adrian Lear recently relocated to live and work in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Their home is also a boutique bed & breakfast.

Instead of televisions, the couple have integrated art into their home to provide points of interest for visitors and give the space a personality . They don't see buying art as extravagant; however it was through Own Art that they were able to acquire their most significant suite of works to date.

Produced by our partners Axisweb and Own Art

Axisweb: Sezgin Ishmail's Top Tips for Collecting

Sezgin Ismail is a medical consultant based near Warrington and a relative newcomer to collecting.

She began seriously to collect work after becoming a member of the Contemporary Art Society North West in 2010. She has since acquired work by artists Henny Acloque, Rachel Goodyear and Iain Andrews.

Sezgin reads widely and is drawn to delicate works which suggest a story and contain historical references.

Produced by our partners Axisweb

Axisweb: Own Art Meets Ian Murray

Ian Murray is a filmmaker from South London and talks to Own Art about his passion for collecting contemporary art. For him, great art is about a gut reaction; feeling it in his nervous system and finding something which makes him genuinely excited.

For an artwork to have real value, it’s got to be truly original. His addictive personality helps (out of all the vices he chooses art!) drive his enthusiasm for buying more and more pieces. The better an artist is at conveying an idea through their craft, the more he likes the work.

Produced by our partners Axisweb and Own Art

Axisweb: Greville Worthington's top tips for collecting

Interested in collecting contemporary art? Greville Worthington has over thirty years experience of collecting. Find out about his unusual approach to buying contemporary art in this video interview with Axisweb

Troika Editions interview Sue Steward

2012 saw journalist and broadcaster Sue Steward curate Photo50 for London Art Fair.

Troika Editions' artist Aliki Braine had four works in the exhibition and so Troika Editions' caught up with Sue to find out more.

Art Projects at London Art Fair

Everything you need to know about Art Projects including interviews with the curators by London Art Fair on Vimeo. at London Art Fair 2011

Arts journalist and curator of Art Projects Pryle Behrman gives a special pre-opening tour of the London Art Fair 2011.