2014 Curators

Photo50 is a guest-curated exhibition of contemporary photography featuring fifty works. It is located within London Art Fair on Gallery Level 2.

Entitled 'Immaterial Matter', 2014's exhibition was curated by Charlie Fellowes and Jeremy Epstein - Directors of Edel Assanti.



A Photography Focus Day took place on Wednesday 15 January, with talks and tours on this day examining contemporary photographic practice.

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Photography partners of London Art Fair 2014

immaterial matter

'Immaterial Matter' examined the increasingly indiscernible distinction between the digital and the material.

The exhibition presented a selection of artists’ works that investigate our understanding of these two classifications, and to what extent they effectively delineate our world and fields of experience in the information age.

This exploration is enacted playfully at times, in work that attempts to situate itself on the boundary between these two realms, and progressively elsewhere, in works that describe new ontologies and geographies that are developing as a result of the prevalence of free circulating, digital information.

Displaying traditional lens-based work alongside digitally generated imagery, video and web-based work, the exhibition demonstrated the irrevocably altered state of photography as a classification in the post-internet era, in which images exist in potentially infinite alternative manifestations.

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exhibiting artists

  • Aram Bartholl
  • Constant Dullaart
  • Joe Hamilton
  • Nicolai Howalt
  • Brenna Murphy
  • Andrew Norman Wilson
  • Kate Steciw

Joe Hamilton - exhibiting as part of Photo50 at London Art Fair

Joe Hamilton, 'Div / Contour', 2012. Medium: website

Top image - Kate Steciw ‘Background, Basic, Bright, Burlap...’ ,2013. © the artist, courtesy Edel Assanti, London