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Curated by Candida Stevens, for the 2022 Fair, Platform explored the theme of Music and its part in contemporary visual art.

Music has been inextricably linked to the fashions, expressions and entertainment of mankind since the beginning of time. Music and fine art have borrowed from each other for centuries through a combination of pure inspiration, collaborations and appropriation. Visual art and music are allied in the way their movements are titled and they share terms, like mood, tone, composition. Importantly they share a purpose, to inspire and provoke, both our minds and our mood.

Music is seen as a significant influence in history and art; Gustav Klimt praised Schubert, Arnold Schoenberg was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract forms, and Morton Feldman worked closely with Mark Rothko. It is affiliated with the rise of modernism and is an inseparable factor in the rise of Pop.

There is plenty of evidence that music and visual art have a long-standing connection and mutual endorsement, which is unsurprising. Across art forms and materials, artists working in various styles refer to the movement, rhythm and other elements of music. Even when visual art and music do not overtly influence one another, they can share abstract qualities without having direct communication. Visual art and music share common cultural influences, including societal, political and technological. With contemporary craft and contemporary art increasingly occupying a shared space in both exhibitions and collections, we look at the range of music inspired visual art being made today.

To discuss submitting a proposal please contact: cs@candidastevens.com Candida Stevens, Curator of Platform, London Art Fair. 

Platform launched in 2019, as a new feature of London Art Fair focusing on a single distinct theme every year, be it an artistic medium, movement or a geographical or cultural exploration. The section allows invited galleries to present a combination of well-known, overlooked and emerging artists that align to the theme.

Platform 2022

It’s most recent edition presented Folk Art curated by Candida Stevens, a view to our cultural heritage, our communities and our identity and how artists who are working in the Folk tradition have chosen to pass on this cultural heritage of knowledge and inspiration.

Participating galleries were: Cavaliero FinnEd CrossGibbons & NicholasJaggedartMADEINBRITALYOutside InRobert Young AntiquesRuup & FormCandida Stevens GalleryTing-Ying and Vessel Gallery. To learn more about the section click here.

For its previous editions, Platform presented Threading Forms in 2020 and explored the expansive territory of Ceramics in 2019.

Soledad Christie, Llamitas Siluetas – group of 6, 2020. Courtesy of Cavaliero Finn

The theme for the 5th edition of Platform at London Art Fair 2023 will be announced in June 2022.

You can register your interest in the 5th edition of Platform at London Art Fair 2023 by emailing Gallery Relations Manager Vala Bjork, vala.bjork@immediate.co.uk or call directly on +44 (0)20 7150 5911.