Dialogues 2018

The 2018 edition of ‘Dialogues’ presented collaborations between the following UK and international galleries, and was curated by Misal Adnan Yildiz .

The context and theme to the 2018 selection was as follows:

“The water is female; water is life and so we as women must stand with the water . . . We stand in prayer and in civil disobedience. We stand because we must protect our children and grandchildren.” (1) Standing Rock founder, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Dialogues is a guest-curated section of Art Projects and is intended to encourage and foster relationships on a global scale. This year’s exhibition is curated by Misal Adnan Yildiz and consists of five pairs of UK-based and international galleries presenting selected works by women artists, with a high percentage of Non-European participants which includes indigenous practices from Maori, Kurdish, Asian, and African origins.

This presentation is devoted to the female psyche; an examination of the nature and knowledge of women – a concept realised by Yildiz, “a queer mind, raised by strong Anatolian women”.

Every year, Kunstkompass (Art Compass) releases an annual list ‘World’s Top 100 Artists’ based on the statistics of the frequency and prestige of exhibitions, publications, and press coverage, plus the median price of an artwork. The latest release from 2016 includes only 22 women as part of the 100 ‘great artists’. The 2016 results of the annual Art Price report states that the world art market profit is based on a balance of 41% European artists, 30% Chinese artists, 15% Americans artists and 15% other nationalities. What do these numbers tell us? We need to better understand how inequalities and opportunities are constructed in the art world.

As a response to the current dynamics of the art market, Dialogues 2018 presents only female and female identifying artists from a majority of non-European galleries.

This is not just a matter of positive discrimination. As an affirmative action, it is reverse discrimination.

Yes, the future is female.

Misal Adnan Yıldız
Curator of Dialogues 2018

Paired Galleries

Manuela Jardim, MMJ40. Courtesy of Perve Galeria


Perve Galeria, Portugal
Mov’Art Gallery, Angola

Based on two interrelated strong proposals with recent works from Sónia Aniceto, Manuela Jardim, Marya Al Qassimi, Rita GT, and Keyezua. “Feminine Art Speech” responds to the Art History with capital letters which is written without contributions from women artists, whereas L’Ecole des Femmes reacts to Molière’s theatrical comedy referring to the colonialism of gender, diasporic and de-colonial feminisms, and Euro-Africa

Artist Rita GT. Courtesy of Movart

Fiona Pardington, Nabokov Past Future (detail). Courtesy of Starkwhite


Stark White, Auckland
Joana Bryant & Julian Page, London

A composed of a group show focusing on spatial relationships between internal tangents, geometry, frameworks pathways and codes from female points of abstract thinking with works from Silvia Lerin, Joella Wheatley and Ruth Solomons and a solo presentation from Maori photographer Fiona Pardington, which revisits the legendary author Vladimir Nabokov’s archive at the NYC public library.

Ruth Solomons, Dis-centric. Courtesy of Joanna Bryant and Julian Page

Nilbar Güreş, Leaving unicorn-world, 2016-2017. Detail. Courtesy of the artist, and Galerie Tanja Wagner


Tanja Wagner Galerie, Berlin
Hanmi Gallery , London

Includes not only a selection of works from Istanbul-Vienna based artist Nilbar Güreş, which places everyday life realities in theatrical settings that deal with cultural identity codes, especially female or queer, but also recent works from Yingmei Duan and Aisha Abid Hussain focusing on body politics, politics of representation and politics of space.  

Aisha Abid Hussain, Two, Not Together Series, 2014. Courtesy of Hanmi Gallery

Mehtap Baydu. Courtesy of Gallery Nev


Galeri Nev, Ankara
Bowerbank Ninow, Auckland

Connecting performative aspects of sculptural production and methods of performative research with traditions of documentary photography and conceptual forms of ceramics. A solo presentation from NZ artist Gil Hanly with vintage prints, which depict an activist, gardener and feminist biography clearly speak with Mehtap Baydu’s recent works that depart from artist’s personal reference points and Nermin Kura’s approach of abstraction.

Gil Hanley. Courtesy of Bowerbank Ninow

Lotte Rose Kjær. Courtesy of IMT Gallery


IMT gallery, London
Alaska Projects, Australia

Bringing two group shows together investigating the relationships between contemporary forms of image production, tradition of portraiture, performative research and fictional writing. Works from Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Paola Ciarska, Yelena Popova, Céline Berger are brought together by IMT Gallery with a collaboration with Division of Labour, and cross-diverse pieces from Angela Tiatia, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Kate Scardifield, Salote Tawale are selected by Sydney’s Alaska through an antipodean perspective.

Angela Tiatia, Walking the Wall, 2014. Courtesy of Alaska Projects