With over 60% of the words in the English vocabulary having Greek or Latin roots, one can't really overlook the deep links we do have with the civilisations that across the centuries have developed around the Mediterranean Sea which from the 5th century BC onwards have laid the foundations of modern Western civilisation how do we know it today. Our curatorial project will be focusing on Mediterranean cultural identity, its heritage and its contemporary interpretation and still extraordinarily strong influence.

Francesco Raimondi (Vietri sul Mare, Italy, 1959) represents probably the most significant contemporary expression of the Southern Italy majolica tradition: he is an exquisite decorator transferring traditional propitiatory grotesque themes into a contemporary fresh and innovative interpretation.
Bottega Vignoli (Faenza, Italy) founded in 1976 by sisters Ivana and Saura, their style is immediately recognizable and expressly follows the path of Mediterranean majolica, with inspiration taken from Byzantine, Roman and Islamic themes reinterpreted in their own unique style.

Martha Pachon Rodriguez (Santa Fe, Colombia) originally from Colombia, she moved to Italy to complete her ceramic studies in Faenza, one of the most representative ceramic production centres in Italy. Her porcelain sculptures often evoke sea creatures and the underwater world using slabs of extreme fineness allowing her to obtain stunning transparency and colour effects.
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