020 7486 7374jaggedart 28 A Devonshire Street (off Marylebone High Street) London W1G 6PS
Established in 2002, jaggedart is renowned for its unique and very definite style, showcasing beautiful, intricate and sophisticated works of art.

The gallery promotes up and coming and established artists through a varied programme of exhibitions which include painting, photography, works on paper and mainly, 3 dimensional pieces.

The exhibitions vary between themed or solo shows, but always creating an inspiring dialogue between the works. Artists are invited to use the space in a dynamic way, creating site specific installations in the gallery and in our large shop frontage.

Our interest lies mainly on the unusual and delicate use of materials manifested in organic works. Ceramic, grasses, wood, paper or textiles are used in innovative ways in works that offer a poetic perspective on the familiar, a new life or reading for the obvious, re-discovering a forgotten elegance.

We showcase stimulating, organic and timeless pieces where there is an evident creative process. Time is of essence, whether it is for growing of grasses, hand-cutting paper or making of the works. There are concepts behind the works, and skills, craftsmanship and knowledge of materials to make them.

jaggedart works appeal both to new and experienced collectors. Our clients include museums, public collections, interior designers and hotels.

Since 2015, the gallery is situated off Marylebone High Street in central London, an area renowned for its individual businesses and this idea is reflected in the style of jaggedart.

jaggedart.com was launched on 12 February 2002.

jaggedart is proud to be a founding member of craftingadifference.com- a collaborative venture where 5 galleries unite to physically exhibit their artists’ works. Crafting a Difference Collect 2021 will be hosted by SoShiro, London.

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