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  • London / Caracas
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  • 07850879837
Square Art Projects was founded as an independent project space in Barcelona which curated and oversaw individual exhibitions by invited artists. On transferring to London, our focus developed into a platform for group exhibitions and a questioning of the position of artist-led projects within the art establishment. We deal with issues such as the identity and role of the artist-curator and the direction of globalized artistic practice in an interconnected world. We have worked as far afield as Caracas, Barcelona and Miami, staging exhibitions of upcoming contemporary artists. Our mission is to promote cultural exchange and development between continents and to foster the careers of the artists that we work with. We see ourselves as a link between the artist and the wider art system, helping artists reach their audience and gain exposure. Square Art Projects is directed by Slade alumni Piers Veness and Katherine Di Turi.
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Confused dreams
Goia Mujalli

Confused dreams

Exhibiting Artists

  • Goia Mujalli
  • Elena Gileva