Virginia Damtsa, Director of VVA VirginiaVisualArts Ltd. is an Art Dealer, Art Gallerist and Artist Agent with experience spanning two decades.

At the age of sixteen, Damtsa entered the art market to help her uncle to open the Museum of Alekos K. Damtsa, in The Art Centre Giorgio de Chirico. While she was studying her Master's degrees in Art Management at the University of the Arts and Contemporary Art at Sotheby's, she converted her apartment into a gallery showcasing emerging artists and curated several exhibitions in her space, other galleries and pop-up spaces.

From 2004-2017, she co-owned with composer and writer Tot Taylor, Riflemaker London, a contemporary art gallery housed in a historic gunmaker's workshop off Regent Street. Built in 1712, it is one of the oldest public buildings in the West End of London. She lectured at Christie's at the Master's degree in Art, Law and Business.

Curated Exhibitions:

Damtsa curated several exhibitions with emerging and established artists such as Martin Kippenberger and Maria Papamitriou, Judy Chicago, Takis, Yoko Ono, William S. Burroughs, Liliane Lijn, Penelope Slinger, Gavin Turk, Chris Levine, Christopher Bucklow, John Maeda, Julie Verhoeven, Ralph Ziman, Conrad Shawcross, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz and many others.

In 2018, she founded VirginiaVisualArts, an art agency and art dealer galleries that manages fifty artists. The art agency helps artists to break into the art market with introductions, exhibitions, and new opportunities. She works closely with the artist as a strategist, mentor, advisor, consultant, PR and also assisting on sales and promotion.

She also runs her own art school, where she teaches professionals, art history and the art market. She mentors Artists and Creatives, writes about art in major financial newspapers, features on TV as an Art World Expert and creates links and sales between artists, galleries, major collectors and museums.

Damtsa uses three exhibitions spaces in Fitzrovia , Marylebone and Notting Hill to exhibit her artists. She curates more than twenty exhibitions a year.
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