LAF Selects: Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide Damoah | Sakhile & Me Gallery / INFEMS Art Collective / BBFA Collective

London based multidisciplinary artist, using investigative practices which currently span painting, performance, collage, image transfer and photographic processes. Key areas of interest for interrogation are colonialism, spirituality, intersectional feminism and joy.

Adelaide Damoah

On this years Selection, Adelaide says…

“My first instinct was to go through the galleries and choose what called out to me the most. I tend to be drawn to the figure but the works have to move me to capture my attention. After that, I was particularly keen to highlight galleries who appear to be inclusive of artists in terms of gender and race.”


Marie-Jeanne, Always Whispers (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Ed Cross Fine Art

“A hauntingly beautiful work. Tiffanie Delune’s work always draws me in closer. It also happens to remind me of one of my favourite works by Frida Kahlo- Diego and I.”

Marice Cumber, I am jealous of your happiness, 2021. Courtesy of Louisa Warfield Art Consultancy

“I was immediately drawn to this work because it made me smile! In the age of social media where everyone’s “fake happiness” and perfect lives are constantly on display, the words on this beautifully made piece of work are so relatable.”

Jérôme Lagarrigue, Mister Gandy (detail), 2019. Courtesy of Galerie Olivier Waltman.

“Aside from this being a beautifully painted portrait, it the subject reminds me of my cousin. Seeing myself and people who look like me represented in a fine art context is always refreshing.”

Louise Higgins
Tyrone Deans

 Louise Higgins, The Three Mothers (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Portal Painters.

“I love all of the paintings in this gallery selection, however, this one drew my attention. Aside from the title, there is something subtly feminine (title aside) about the work. The bare branches of the white trees remind me of the lactiferous ducts of breast tissue, which I love.”

Carla Kranendonk, Fatou and Doudou (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Rebecca Hossack.

“I was struck by the colour and intensity of this work. There is an intense complexity and intricacy in the work. The embroidery and beading look incredible.”

Tyrone Deans, Captain Cudjoe, 2021. Courtesy of Thompsons Gallery. 

“This is my favourite work in the selection. Aside from the title reference to the great Maroon leader, the work itself is rich, vibrant and beautifully made with lots of cultural references which resonate with me on a deeply personal level.”