LAF Selects: Katy Wickremesinghe

Katy Wickremesinghe | Founder KTW & The Wick

Katy Wickremesinghe is the Founder KTW London and The Wick – a global consultancy and content platform on a mission to connect the culturally curious and make individuals and businesses more art engaged and responsible.

As well as being recognised as a Top 5 PR Week Powerbook Luxury Leader UK (2020/2021), Katy is also a passionate cultural patron and advocate and is committed in her roles as: Trustee, Dulwich Picture Gallery; Board Advisor, The Line London; Mentor AWITA (Association of Women in the Arts); Patron Serpentine Future Contemporaries, V&A; Editorial Committee CogX

Katy is a leading voice working across the arts and business sectors and as a regular moderator in arts, cultural and brand talks and panels including those with Fortnum & Mason; Goals House to mark the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, AWITA, Collect Art Fair and London Tech Club.


On this years Selection, Katy says…

“As a Londoner I am a big fan of London Art Fair – one of the original Fairs (here since 1989) which mixes a wide of array of galleries and prices yet retains quality. All of the works in my selection speak to different parts of me or my interest areas – ultimately art is about human connection. .”

Jess Allen

Jess Allen, Why I Wake Early, 2021. Courtesy of Blue Shop Cottage

“As someone who loves words, spoken and written, I loved the sensitive way in which this painting captures the fragility of fleeting morning light in contrast with the weight of printed bound word. This is a piece I would love to own.”

Victor Seaward, Kiwano, 2022. Courtesy of Gallery Sculpture Fulmer.

“I am a huge fan of colour and materiality. The last five years or so I have become increasingly interested in ceramics and as a British Sri Lankan there was something about the “hotness” of this piece that evoked the island of Sri Lanka in me.”

Tiffanie Delune, Free Birds Learn to Sing in Silence, 2021. Courtesy of Ed Cross

“Ed Cross gallery works with emerging and established artists across and beyond the African diaspora. These works of Delune all spoke to me not just because of the bold colour but because the narrative touches on motifs, symbols of a higher power and there is a sense of looking to a brave new world. There was something meditative for me about this specific one.”

Jealous Gallery
Long & Ryle

Rune Guneriussen, Fake State of Interdependence (detail), 2019. Courtesy of Galerie Olivier Waltman

“The works of Norwegian Artist Guneriussen invite the viewer to contemplate the results of the interaction between man and nature, as a metaphoric way to reflect our place in the passage of time. He tackles huge and important topics by mixing sculpture and photography installation..”

Danny Augustine, Hockney Copy (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Jealous Gallery

“I first came across Augustine’s work through the Soho House Collection, and I am a big fan of the way he mixes colour and movement. I buy lots of my prints at Jealous because they are brilliant at creating high level print editions at affordable prices.”

John Monks, Apartment (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Long & Ryle

“Monks is one of Britain’s most significant figurative painters. Having studied at the Liverpool School of Art in the 1970’s Monks is a rare talent in mixing painting reflecting architectural and structural accuracy with beautiful, fractured light.”