Oyinkasola Dada | Gallery Founder and Director, DADA Gallery

Oyinkansola Dada is the Lagos-born, London-based founder of DADA Gallery. The gallery’s mission is to introduce the most exciting contemporary black artists to international audiences. Its roster consists of Black creators whose work sidesteps the traditional and tackles divisive themes of immigration, sexuality, girlhood and more.

DADA gallery began as an African literature, culture and politics blog called POLARTICS. Driven by a desire to help emerging artists reach their potential, a resolve to connect with burgeoning art collectors with African art, and a passion for curating meaningful experiences, Dada evolved POLARTICS into DADA Gallery.

Oyinkansola Dada

On this years Selection, Oyinkasola says…

“All the works I have chosen are by women artists and the themes and narratives I have been able to identify surround sexuality, womanhood and daily life. I aim to support women artists in all my endeavours and I resonate with the stories and narratives they choose to explore as a result of my own personal experiences.”


Gabrielle K Brown, Eat The Soup Live The Dream Live Die Repeat, 2021. Courtesy of Anima Mundi.

“I have selected this work for its provocative and shocking nature. The colour composition is engaging and the use of materials is refreshing with the framing retaining the essence of the painting.”

Amy Beager, Archway (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Wilder Gallery

“My favourite thing about this piece is the colour composition. It has an ethereal nature about it which I find very calming and therapeutic.”

Kate McCrickard, Alice Reading (detail), 2020. Courtesy of Art First

“I like this painting for its simple yet classic composition. Although capturing a mundane activity, it reminds me of one of my favourite things which is reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning

Untitled,Bobbye Fermie, 2022 Courtesey of 155A Gallery

Bobbye Fermie, Untitled (detail), 2022, Courtesy of 155A Gallery

“I enjoy this piece for its theatrical slightly off beat nature. It feels fun and playful.”

Tiffanie Delune, From T to I (detail), 2021. Courtesy of Ed Cross Fine Art.

“This piece combines some of my favourite colours and that instantly draws me in. The combination of abstraction and the movement is quite stunning.”