April Art Diary: what to see this month

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Take advantage of the upcoming Easter break and hop to best visual art exhibitions and events taking place this April, with London Art Fair’s top recommendations.

‘Must-sees’ for this month include never-before-seen paintings by John Bellany and Alan Davie, a film premier by artist Amartey Golding and new works by award wining artists, Audun Alvestad and Cristina BanBan.

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Castlegate House Gallery

John Bellany (RA, CBE)
Selected Paintings

A small but focused exhibition of paintings by the late John Bellany, one of the most respected British artists of the mid-twentieth century, through to his death in 2013. Many of the paintings have never been seen before and have come directly from John’s inmediate family. The piece Pourqoui (1967), one of the most important works in John’s career will be featured in this show.

Closing 14 April

Lévy Gorvy

Sigmar Polke, Roy Lichtenstein & Gerald Laing: Source and Stimulu

Devoted to the printing process, the Ben-Day dot, this is the first exhibition to connect works by the three artists on the basis of their manipulation of the dot, transforming imagery from the commercial sphere into fine art. Taking its title from the 1964 exhibition at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, Source and Stimulus will highlight themes including the Space Race, sexual liberation, mass consumerism, and politics.

Closing 21 April

Maddox Arts

Dionisio González

This is the first solo exhibition of work by the photographic and spatial artist, Dionisio González, in London. The show includes his series Dauphin Island and Inter-action and two works from from his new 2018 series Brutal Zone. González’s work focuses on surrealistic architecture in a natural landscape and his visionary constructions are reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s béton brut and futuristic visions of cities, inspired by Japanese metabolism architecture especially Kenzo Tange and Kisho Kurokawa.

Closing 21 April

Kristin Hjellegjerd Gallery

Specially Normal with Audun Alvestad and Cristina BanBan

The two painters in this exhibition have complementary styles and although they appear similar in their depiction of the everyday, they employ distinctly different approaches. The Norwegian artist Audun Alvestad focuses on the painting process itself, with the narrative providing a secondary function. While, the paintings of the Spanish artist Cristina BanBan begin with the narrative, which then unfolds through the process of painting.

Closing 28 April

Alan Wheatley Art

Alan Davie: An Inner Compulsion

Following the exhibitions: To Uncover the Hidden Unknown (2012) and The (Wild) Eye of Wonder (2014), Alan Wheatley Art has announced a new retrospective exhibition by one of the most influential Modern British artist Alan Davie, who’s is distinctive by spontaneity, exuberant colour and improvisation. The exhibition will span his career and present previously unseen early oil paintings, as well as works by the artist created shortly before he died.

18 April – 4 May

Attenborough Arts Centre

Is it just me, or is it you?

From April until June 2018, Attenborough Arts Centre will premier Is it just me, or is it you? by artist Amartey Golding. This will be the artist’s largest solo show to date, with a body of work that has taken him two years to complete.

The two new films are part of Golding’s trilogy of films collectively known as Chainmail (2016-18). The first film of the series Solomon (2016) forms a loose portrait of Golding’s younger brother, the first black British male dancer of The Royal Ballet.

Is it just me, or is it you? premiers at University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre in Association with Young Masters (not-for-profit initiative of the Cynthia Corbett Gallery).

14 April – 7 June

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Image Credits:

Image 1: Cristina BanBan, ‘Carbonara Text’, 2018. Courtesy of Kristin Hjellegjerde.

Image 2: John Bellany (RA, CBE),Deatil of ‘Couple with red hair and scarf’, c. 2000. Courtesy of Castlegate House Gallery.

Image 3: Gerald Laing, Lincoln Convertible, 1964. Courtesy of Levy Gorvy.

Image 4: Dionisio González , ‘Dauphín 11’, 2011. Courtesy of Maddox Arts.

Image 5: Audun Alvestad, ‘Yellow Cab Driver’, 2018. Courtesy of Kristin Hjellegjerde.

Image 6: Alan Davie, ‘Smoke Signals No.2’, 1960. Courtesy of Alan Wheatley Art.

Image 7: Amartey Golding, ‘White, Pink and Red Flowers’, 2016-2018. The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

Image 8: David Birkin, ‘Midnight Blue’, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.