December Art Diary: What to see this month

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Your monthly art diary

With the festive season just around the corner, London Art Fair is back to help you stay on top of your art diary with our recommended exhibitions for this December.

Must-sees for this month include solo shows by Robin Footitt, Avaf and Tom Hammick and a collaboration exhibition of Tony Heywood & Alison Condie at Vigo Gallery.

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Robin Footitt’s Open Window

An open window was once symbolic of freedom, escape and new greener pastures. The term open window has now been applied to on screen work activity. For Robin Footitt’s second exhibition at New Art Projects he comments upon the way in which the now familiar language of the screen, tablet or smart phone can sometimes complicate or obsure the real meaning of an image.

The new digital formats of viewing images has become so widespread that their limitations are forgotten.

Closing 21 December












Long and Deep French Kiss

This exhibition is a site-specific solo show by assume vivid astro focus (avaf).
The installation marks the final show at the gallery’s White Horse Street location before the building is demolished. It is also an homage to Shepherd Market’s long standing history as the ‘red light district’ of Mayfair, and a critique on the rapidly shifting terrain of commercial real estate development in the area.

The installation is a playful and interactive journey through ‘eroticism under construction’.

Closing 21 December









Island Life

In Tom Hammick’s Island Life, images of ‘Henry’s Cabin’ and the walled eutopian garden of ‘Sky Island’ glow under the same moon as his new woodcut prints inspired by Benjamin Britten’s ‘Sea Interludes’. He evokes feelings of solitude and a deep interconnectivity where consciousness looms just over the dream horizon.

Tom Hammick’s atmospheric landscape prints emerge from cut wood. His images are metaphors for the human condition; reflecting states of mind, transience, fragility and awe. He is inspired by the British Romantic tradition and Eastern culture.

Closing 22 December










Simon Quadrat
Recent Works

The current exhibition, Simon QuadratRecent Works, runs until 12th January 2019 at the Katherine House Gallery, in the beautiful market town of Marlborough, Wiltshire.  Simon enjoyed a successful career at the Criminal Bar which he gave up 20 years ago to paint full-time.

He was elected to the Royal West of England Academy in 2004 and soon thereafter, was elected a member of the New English Art Club in 2014. His paintings are compelling and evocative with arresting imagery and a bold use of colour.  They are founded in memory, imagination and a rich cultural heritage, without any sense of nostalgia.

Closing 12 January













Plastic Fox

Andy Harper’s latest works hit us with full force. Frenetic, busy and manic in parts, the large-scale paintings from his second solo exhibition Plastic Fox display every feature that makes Harper’s work distinctive: dense compositions full of detail and depth, complex and dynamic interplays between colour and gesture, light and shadow executed in a pulsating, almost exuberant application of paint.

Gesture-like brushstrokes in diluted layers of oil paint accomplished in glamorous lilac to luscious red, bright pink and striking blue and green set a concentrated arrangement of dynamic traces and finely drawn lines in motion and carry us away into the realms of the fantastic, the organic, the abstract.

Closing 12 January












Heywood & Condie Natural

Natural is the first solo show by Heywood & Condie at Vigo Gallery.

Over the last fifteen years of collaboration, Tony Heywood & Alison Condie, have developed a unique artistic practice: an experimental and expansive form of landscape art. It ranges widely across forms and media; from large-scale, outdoor, ‘horticultural installations’ to sculpture, drawing and video. The artists are driven by a desire to articulate their connection with nature and to participate in the discourse of nature’s representation in contemporary culture.

Natural comprises a major video work and a related series of wall-based works that combine elements of painting and sculpture.

Closing 16 January













A New Figurative Art 1920-1945: Works from the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection at the Estorick Collection explores a crucial phase of Italian art history little-known outside its native country, presenting a large number of iconic works.

The collection contains works by many of the most significant artists who belonged to influential schools such as Sei di Torino and testifies to the determination of a number of significant painters to reassert their artistic/political conformity.

To learn more visit the Estorick Collection until 23 December or explore the link below for exclusive access to the exhibition catalogue.

Image 1: Robin Footitt, Holding Object, 2018. marker pen, spray paint and lacquer on aluminium panel, Courtesy of New Art Projects .
Image 2: AVAF, Roya Royal Royal, 2018. Courtesy of Lamb Arts
Image 3: Tom Hammick ‘Henry’s Cabin, Walden Pond’ 2018. Courtesy of Rabley Gallery
Image 4: The Small Marionette Theatre, Sam Quadrat, 2017. Oil on Panel, Courtesy of Katherine House Gallery.
Image 5: Andy Harper, Pocket of Straws, 2018. Courtesy of Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
Image 6: Heywood & Condie, Natural (Detail), 2018. Courtesy of Vigo Gallery.
Image 7: Francesco Menzio, The Green Shawl (Detail), 1929 , Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection, Milan, Courtesy of Estorick Collection.