March Art Diary: What to see this month

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Tune into the best visual art exhibitions and events taking place this March, with London Art Fair’s top recommendations.

Fill your diary right up until Spring and enjoy works by our 2018 De’Longhi Art Projects Artist Award winner, Nilbar Güreş, the influential twentieth century British artist, David Bomberg, plus an entirely new body of absorbing and sensual work from contemporary artist George Taylor.

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Jack Bell Gallery

Baatarzorig Batjargal 

Drawing on the techniques of Mongol Zurag painting, Baatarzorig Batjargal addresses the broader history of Mongolia’s development over the past century.
Displaying works from 2017 and 2018 including rich tapestries from various regimes, this exhibition offers narratives concerned with the loss of traditional heritage.

8 March – 23 March

IMT Gallery

Paola Ciarska
Cześć, Pani Ciarska

Cześć, Pani Ciarska chronicles a series of homes of friends, relatives and professional contacts of the artist, Paola Ciarska. The paintings illustrate collections of domestic items, art and technology and how they might make up a life. However the occupants themselves are absent, instead their homes are occupied by naked women, streaming images to contacts on the outside world.

Closing 25 March

Galerie Tanja Wagner

Jumping Bed and Female Lovers

The show displays recent works by Nilbar Güreş, where everyday life realities are placed in theatrical settings to deal with cultural identity codes, especially female or queer. As part of her creative process, the artist uses cultural observation to experience her protagonist’s environment.

23 February – 13 April

Beaux Arts London

David Bomberg

The exhibition boasts around thirty works by the late David Bomberg (1890-1957) and interweaves significant areas of his life, including his influence on modern art, his Jewish origins and family, the profound effect of both World Wars and his time spent in Jerusalem and Spain.

8 March – 14 April

Candida Stevens Gallery

Stephen Farthing’s Museums of the World

A collection of 18 paintings produced between 2015-2017 by Stephen Farthing.
This exhibition depicts the interiors of public and private museums around the world and unusually is split across two venues – the Candida Stevens Gallery in Chichester and the rarely accessed private museum, Manor Place, owned by art collector Simon Draper.

Closing 14 April

Pangolin London

George Taylor
Intimate Immensity

Inspired by ritual feather-work pieces from the Andes and Hawaii, artist George Taylor creates works that combine primal instinct and natural materials with complex optical designs and iridescent colour.
Highlights of this compelling body of new work include a new monumental work The Beast in Me, 2017 and new film Innocent Potency.

7 March – 14 April

Image Credits:

Image 1: Paola Ciarska, Untitled (Cześć, Pani Ciarska Series), 2017. Courtesy of IMT.

Image 2: Baatarzorig Batjargal, The Inner, 2018. Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery.

Image 3: Paola Ciarska, Untitled (Cześć, Pani Ciarska Series), 2017. Courtesy of IMT.

Image 4: Nilbar Güreş, How I Met Your Mom (Detail), 2017. Courtesy of Galerie Tanja Wagner.

Image 5: David Bomberg, Bargees, 1919. Courtesy of Beaux Arts London.

Image 6: Stephen Farthing, The Museum of the Boudoir – Manchester Square, 2017, Courtesy of Candida Stevens Gallery.

Image 7: George Taylor, Effusions, 2017. Courtesy of Pangolin London.