The burgeoning interest in the NFT as a medium of cultural transmission

NFTs: From Museum to Market

Alex Estorick, Frances Liddell, Micol Ap and Sam Spike

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Chaired by Alex Estorick, Editor in Chief, Right Click Save, this panel discussion addresses the burgeoning interest in the NFT as a medium of cultural transmission, with a focus on the implications of blockchain technology for the fine art market and cultural institutions.

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Alex Estorick:

Alex Estorick is a media theorist whose work seeks to develop socially progressive approaches to new technologies. As Editor-in-Chief at Right Click Save, he aims to drive critical conversation about NFTs, blockchain, and Web3. He is also Contributing Editor for Art and Technology at Flash Art, establishing the magazine’s digital column, “The Uncanny Valley,” as a bridge between contemporary art and new media. He contributes to numerous publications – from Frieze to the Financial Times – and recently published the first aesthetics of crypto art: A data-driven study of the early genesis of the NFT phenomenon. 

Frances Liddell, Independent Researcher & Writer

Frances Liddell is a researcher, writer, and advisor working at the intersection of cultural institutions, arts and Web3. Working in partnership with the National Museums Liverpool and the University of Manchester, her PhD research explored the application of blockchain (specifically Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs)) in museum audience engagement practices and considered how this technology supports and/or disrupts concepts such as digital ownership, guardianship, authority, authenticity, and value. She utilises her knowledge from this work to provide support and guidance to cultural organisations exploring NFTs and Web3 through a values-led approach. Her current research interests focus on exploring the themes of Web3 to critically unpack questions around decolonisation, reciprocation, and intellectual property. She has previously written for peer-review publications such as Museum & Society, and media such as Flash Art, Art Quarterly, Artnome, and Cultural Practices.

Micol Ap, Founder and CEO, VerticalCrypto Art

Micol is CEO & founder of VerticalCrypto Art, a web3 native curatorial media studio dedicated to a leading web3 curatorial studio for NFT art, crypto art and new media offering advisory for collectors, projects and brands in the fields of art NFTs, web3 and crypto art. Micol is a curious & creative human working at the intersection of art and technology with over 9+ years of experience in the tech and creative industry.

Sam Spike, Creative Director, Fingerprints DAO & cofounder, JPG

Sam Spike is the Creative Director of Fingerprints DAO and co-founder of JPG, a protocol for NFT curation and discovery. At Fingerprints DAO, he chairs the acquisitions committee and works with artists to develop projects that explore the use of blockchain technology as an artistic medium. He holds an MA in History of Art from The Courtauld Institute and has held research positions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Fitzwilliam Museum.