2017’s installment ‘Gravitas‘ presented a group exhibition of lens-based works, curated by Christiane Monarchi. “‘Gravitas’ refers to one of the core personal virtues taken by ancient Roman society as an important part of the expression of a purposeful life, a facet of the ideal and well-rounded citizen. It denoted depth as well as a seriousness and solemnity of character. The presence of gravitas signalled the transition of the Roman youth from the ranks of boyhood to become a respected member of society. Artistic representation of the interior world of children and adolescents as they enter the adult world is fraught with challenges: not least the existence of taboos regarding the portrayal of children in the media under the age of consent. However, at a time when childhood itself comes under increasing pressure from society in many real and virtual arenas, the path through adolescence constitutes a fascinating journey worth illuminating for both artistic and sociological discourse.” – Christiane Monarchi explains the exhibition.

Gravitas artists included Madison Blackwood, Bronte CordesSian DaveySophie GreenFrances KearneyBaptiste LignelAnthony LuveraMelanie ManchotWendy McMurdoYvette MonahanSpencer MurphyJeremy Sutton-HibbertAbbie Trayler-Smith .

Young Girl (iii)' © Wendy McMurdo 2016

Young Girl (iii)’ © Wendy McMurdo 2016