PHOTO50 2018

London Art Fair’s 2018 curator for Photo50 was the Hemera Collective; a curatorial and collaboration led group specialising in photography and lens-based media, with Resolution is not the point. an exhibition drawing from multiple disciplines with the aim to encourage new perspectives and facilitate debate.

Resolution is not the point.

The 2018 edition of Photo50, titled Resolution is not the point., was curated by Hemera Collective, the first collective to curate London Art Fair’s annual exhibition of photography. The exhibition reflected the concerns with which Hemera operates, as a collaborative and evolving entity with different areas of expertise, who come together through a shared inquiry of photography and lens-based media. The exhibition title also alludes to an approach to exhibition making as one that is not defined by a singular frame or iteration, but networked – shifting focus and endeavouring to change ways of seeing and thinking. Resolution is not the point. considers photographic practices and images as a catalyst for interdisciplinary exchange and collective action. Photography, since the 19th century, has existed in and between traditionally defined boundaries of practice, from its use as a scientific apparatus to art – and back again, and it is this shifting landscape of contexts and definitions that the exhibition brings to the fore. The works are linked by this desire to draw upon the metamorphic nature of the photographic image. As practitioners continue to push the conceptual and technical boundaries of the many forms of photography and image-making; they are drawn to other specialisms and ways of working in order to communicate personal, social, and political ideas. From collaboratively produced research projects to artists that draw on the circulation of images, knowledge, and capital; Photo50 2018 examines vital directions in contemporary photographic practice.

Exhibiting Artists

Pio Abad | Larry Achiampong | David Birkin | Foundland Collective | Qiana Mestrich | (play)ground-less | Susan Schuppli | Traces of Nitrate: Ignacio Acosta, Louise Purbrick, Xavier Ribas | James Tylor & Laura Wills | Marie Yates


The curatorial Hemera Collective was established in 2012 specialising in photography and lens-based media. Working with established and early-career artists, as well as photographic archives. Recent projects include Planetary Gardening, PhotoAccess, Canberra, 2017; Sites and Citations, ONCA, Brighton Photo Fringe, 2016; Secret Agent, Guest Projects, London, 2016 & the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, 2015. Since 2014 they have also published the London and New York Photography Diaries. The Collective has been developed through the collaborative work of various individuals including present members Jaime Marie Davis, Ashley Lumb, Helen Trompeteler and Kay Watson. @HemeraPhoto