Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Jeremy Sutton, 'Ethan McMurdo as monk, St. Ronan's games festival, Innerleithen, Scotland, 19th July 2014

Jeremy Sutton, ‘Ethan McMurdo as monk, St. Ronan’s games festival, Innerleithen, Scotland, 19th July 2014

about the work

A photographic portrait of the people of the towns of the Scottish Borders who each year undertake the maintaining of tradition, commemorating their local history and strengthening the bonds of their communities, during the annual Common Riding festivals of the summer months.

Braw Lassies and Honest Lads, Left Hand Lassies and Right Hand Men, Cornets, Hunters and Coldstreamers – all titles given to the upstanding youths who lead the festivities, and whose duty it is to carry the burgh or town standard around the common lands, to “bring it back unsullied and untarnished”.

about the artist

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert grew up in Scotland, where on his 13th birthday he received the gift of a camera. A few years later Jeremy subsequently became a UK based freelance photographer for editorial, corporate and NGO clients. His work has appeared in magazines such as Time, National Geographic, Italian Geo, Le Figaro, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and many others. For over a decade Jeremy has been one of the principal photographers for Greenpeace International.

In recent years Jeremy was based in Japan, but missing the raw weather has now relocated back to his home country of Scotland, where he co-founded the Document Scotland photography collective.  As part of this collective Jeremy has in the past four years exhibited widely including at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow, Impressions Gallery in Bradford, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery,  at the inaugural St Andrews Photography Festival, and currently at the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther.

His work has taken him to over 80 countries, as far flung as Antarctica and Outer Mongolia. His personal and commissioned work, for which he has been the recipient of photojournalism awards, has been widely published and exhibited in Europe, Asia and USA.


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