Larry Achiampong

Larry Achiampong, Glyth #3, Digital Montage on C-Type Print, 2013–14, © Larry Achiampong

About the work

The solo and collaborative projects by Larry Achiampong employ imagery, live performance and sound to explore ideas surrounding class, cross-cultural and post-digital identity. Achiampong crate-digs the vaults of history with works that examine his communal and personal heritage – in particular, the intersection between popular culture and the lasting effects of colonial legacies. These investigations examine constructions of the ‘oneself’ by splicing the audible and visual materials of personal and interpersonal archives. It is in these spaces that Achiampong offers multiple perspectives to reveal entrenched socio-political contradictions in contemporary society.

About the artist

Achiampong has exhibited, performed and presented projects within the UK and abroad including Tate Britain/Modern, London; dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel; The Institute For Creative Arts, Cape Town; The British Film Institute, London; Modern Art Oxford, Oxford; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin; Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation, Accra; The Mistake Room, Los Angeles; Logan Center Exhibitions, Chicago; ‘Diaspora Pavilion – 57th Venice Biennale’, Venice; and Somerset House, London.