Traces of Nitrate: Ignacio Acosta, Louise Purbrick, Xavier Ribas

Traces of Nitrate, Oficina Alianza and Port of Iquique 1889, Album 12, Fondo Fotográfico Fundación, Museo Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona

About the collective and work

Traces of Nitrate is a collaboration between photographers Xavier Ribas, Ignacio Acosta, and an art historian, Louise Purbrick. Their collective research, undertaken over five years, has documented the movement of the mineral wealth of Chile through global markets into European landscapes. Nitrate and copper is their focus; transformation of these natural resources into industrial materials draw desert and city, slag heap and country house, ruin and regeneration, landscape and archive, Chile and Britain, into the same circuit of capital. Their exhibition, Trafficking the Earth (el tráfico de la tierra) is currently showing at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 07 Sept – 12 Nov 2017