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London Art Fair 2018’s programme of daily talks, tours and performances provide a timely review of the art market today, trends in photographic practice, tips on building your art collection, artists talks and more, presenting the perfect setting for both the experienced collector and new art-world enthusiast.

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A special relationship? Modern British art and the USA
How were modern British artists inspired by America and its artists? And how far have American artistic traditions been informed by figures or ideas from the UK? At a time of increasing political isolationism on both sides of the Atlantic, this panel will explore the history of such creative exchanges as well as their continuing relevance today. Chaired by Fatema Ahmed, Deputy Editor, Apollo magazine.
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Photographing the times – identity, migration and displacement
How are galleries, artists and spaces curating conversations on identity and migration? Photographer and curator, Sunil Shah, chairs a panel discussion considering the impact of photography in reflecting identity politics. The group will also explore how photography can represent the experience of migration – aesthetically and symbolically, as well as embodying aspects of memory, loss, displacement and exile. Panel members include Katy Barron, Senior Director, Michael Hoppen Gallery, Ms. Sofia Sokolov, art historian, curator and director of Galerie Voss; plus artists Larry Achiampong and Qiana Mestrich (part of Photo50 2018).
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The Redfern Gallery presents: Eileen Agar and the British Surrealists 
The phenomenal output of works by British Surrealist artists – unduly unacknowledged so far – deserves a second look. Michel Remy, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nice, will look into its main representatives; providing a special focus on Eileen Agar’s work with the attempt to give it the credit it deserves at long last. Eileen Forrester Agar (1 December 1899 – 17 November 1991) was a British painter and photographer associated with the Surrealist movement.
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Art Business Today with Sotheby’s Institute of Art and The Art Newspaper 
Against a chaotic political and economic international backdrop Sotheby’s Institute of Art and The Art Newspaper come together to present a panel to discuss the global status of the Art Market. Chaired by Georgina Adam, Art market editor-at-large at The Art Newspaper and Art market contributor at The Financial Times, the panel includes Anna Brady, Deputy Art Market Editor at The Art Newspaper, Jeffrey Boloten, Course Leader of Art & Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and gallerist Peter Osborne of Osborne Samuel.
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Curating gender and gender identity in art
How is gender currently being represented by visual art? How has the changing relationship between artists, curator and galleries allowed exhibitions to explore pertinent topics on gender? What is the relevancy of further delving into gender identity? What is the future of exploring gender in art? New York Times journalist Farah Nayeri chairs this pertinent exploration, joined by artists Rachel Ara (Anise Gallery), Mehtap Baydu (Galeri Nev) with gallerist and curator Jessica Carlisle, and London Art Fair 2018 ‘Dialogues’ curator Misal Adnan Yildiz.
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Regional Collections with Art UK
Kathleen Soriano will introduce the museum partner Art UK exhibition, commissioned by London Art Fair. As curator of the display, she will consider the five artists with whom she has worked on the project and their distinct approaches to plundering the riches of the Art UK’s database of public painting collections, examining the selections that they have made.
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Digital Dilemmas, Pt.1: the tale of the artist
‘How do artists respond to the challenge of archiving their practice particularly if their work borders on physical object-making and born-digital work? What happens to the relationship between artists and audiences when artistic work is digitised or re-imagined in a digital space? Panel discussion chaired by Melanie Keen, Director, Iniva, with Rebecca Sinker, Gary Stewart, and Cherelle Sappleton.
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The New Gallery Model: Hybrid Spaces
What is the perfect environment in which to buy art? This talk explores how the traditional gallery model is being challenged – with panelists Davina Thackara from The Drawing Works and John Martin, Founder and Creative Director of Cromwell Place, a new hub for the art trade, opening in London in 2019, chaired by Sophie Ryan, art professional and Marketing Manager at London Art Fair.
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Quick, quick, quick – take a long look at short film
With a nod to the theme of this year’s LAF screening room, the panel discusses how artists working in a variety of digital media have created short-duration artworks that reflect, critique and challenge the quickening pace of contemporary life and the associated reduction in our attention span. How short can a digital artwork be? And what does this mean for the artist, the audience, the gallery and the collector? Join the discussion chaired by London Art Fair’s screening room curator Pryle Behrman, with speakers Nag Vladermersky, Festival Director of the London International Animation Festival, artist Michael Szpakowski, and producer Abigail Addison.
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‘In your image’ Self-portraiture: Control and capture through the ages
People have been fascinated by capturing their own image for centuries. How has the status and value of this preoccupation changed over the years; at a time when the ‘selfie’ has reached a feverish peak, where can it possibly go next? Led by Sabina Jaskot-Gill, Ph.D, Associate Curator of Photographs at National Portrait Gallery, with panelists Anthony Luvera, photographer, Juno Calypso, artist, and Natasha Caruana, artist.
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London Art Fair 2018


Part of Photography Focus Day 

Photoworks Annual – LGBTQ+
Contributors to Photoworks Annual discuss ideas explored within the recently published LGBTQ+ themed issue of the photography art and culture journal. Photoworks Annual Issue 24 explores how photography has been used as a tool to document, advocate for and spark debate to help foreground LGBTQ+ rights. Speakers include Edwin Coomasaru, an AHRC funded PhD Candidiate at The Courtauld Institute; photographer, Sara Davidmann; and Olu Jenzen, Principle lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Brighton whose research focuses on the aesthetics of protest and the representation of gender and sexuality in film, literature and popular culture.
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Hemera collective present Resolution is not the point.
Resolution is not the point. brings together ten artists and collectives to draw upon the metamorphic nature of photographic images as a point of convergence and exchange for a number of different disciplines. Members of the Photo50 curatorial collective, Hemera join artists, Larry Achiampong, David Birkin, Lauren Alexander from Foundland Collective and Louise Purbrick from Traces of Nitrate from the exhibition to explore key themes emerging from the work on display.
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Artist Talks: Breathing life back into museum collection
The work of International photographer Dr. Fiona Pardington interrogates death and celebrates collecting and preservation. Fiona’s most recent project Nabokov’s Blues: The Charmed Circle continues this theme – photographing, in European and American museums, only butterflies Nabokov caught and killed, words or diagrams in his hand, butterfly images on printed pages he marked. The series was presented at London Art Fair 2018 with New Zealand gallery Starkwhite. The artist discussed her work that breathes life force back into lost histories. Chaired by New York Times journalist Farah Nayeri.
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ReMaking History
Brett Rogers OBE, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery will chair a panel discussion exploring the ways photography addresses issues around diversity and equality both behind and in front of the camera. Starting with The Photographers’ Gallery current exhibition 4 Saints in 3 Acts A Snapshot of the American Avant-garde Brett will discuss how photography has often been used as a way of broadening discussions around race and sexual identity.
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Photography x Social Media: Is Instagram going to kill bricks and mortar galleries?
Instagram increasingly plays a significant part in in the eco-system of photography galleries impacting on photographers, galleries, auction houses and collectors. Does Instagram’s easy access and wide reach have a democratising effect, thereby threatening traditional hierarchies and privileges or does the preferred social media platform of the art word offer benefits all stakeholders alike? Speakers include Emma Blau, photographic artist & curator; Giacomo Brunelli, Photographer; Brandei Estes, Photography Director, Sothebys’, Augusta Edwards, Director at Augusta Edwards fine Art; and chaired by Stephan Schmid, Albumen gallery.
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What does it mean to collaborate?
Plinth and Dundee Contemporary Arts both use the power of partnerships in order to bring contemporary culture to the public. By working with artists to create limited editions – Dundee Contemporary Arts engages its visitors in a cultural conversation and enables them to support the gallery’s future programmes. Plinth launched in 2016 with a series of 5 editions, including Richard Wilson’s Still Life Jug. Royal Academician and Turner Prize nominee, Wilson will join the panel, offering an artist’s perspective on developing and producing editions with galleries.
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Art Detective: The ‘Art’ of sleuthing
The nation loves a great detective story. Throw in the UK’s public art collections, some fiendishly difficult mysteries and the public’s expert knowledge and you have an invaluable resource supporting art collections across the country. Andrew Ellis, Director of Art UK, will discuss the Art Detective network and its discoveries. One of the mystery paintings will be on the Art UK stand.
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The Art of Interiors: Collecting and Interior Design
Art enhances a home like nothing else, yet living with works of art is very different from visiting them in a museum. This panel discussion led by April Russell (Member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and established interior designer) will discuss how to select art to complement your interior spaces and best showcase clients’ existing or growing art collections. With galerist Juliana Cavaliero (Co-founder of Cavaliero Finn).
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Digital Dilemmas, Pt.2: the tale of the collector
Digital art can be bought and sold, but are collectors – individuals as well as national collections – resistant to collecting it? If collectors can be seen as custodians of public heritage and purveyors of cultural history, then where does the responsibility lie when it comes to preserving works of art that exist in a digital space? Panel discussion chaired by curator Rose LeJeune, with speakers Lozana Rossenova and Emma Dexter.
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