Thursday Late

Thursday Late at London Art Fair gives you the opportunity to visit after (work) hours and enjoy the Fair’s 131 exhibiting galleries and curated spaces alongside an exciting programme of insightful talks, tours and performances. Highlights include complimentary drinks and specially curated evening tours led by Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Iniva and Own Art, guiding you with highlights to find at the Fair and help you start your collection.

London Art Fair 2018


Get under the skin of art shown at the Fair with personalised tours, including Own Art guiding you through their member galleries exhibiting at the Fair with personal insights given from gallery owners to help support you to start your collection; Melanie Keen, Director of Iniva, unique led tour aimed at both established and young collectors, showing how to bring a curator’s eye to collecting; and prints, editions and general highlight themed tours led by art experts at Sotheby’s Institute of Art.


‘In your image’ Self-portraiture: Control and capture through the ages

People have been fascinated by capturing their own image for centuries. How has the status and value of this preoccupation changed over the years; at a time when the ‘selfie’ has reached a feverish peak, where can it possibly go next? Led by Sabina Jaskot-Gill, Ph.D, Associate Curator of Photographs at National Portrait Gallery, with panelists Anthony Luvera, photographer, Juno Calypso, artist, and Natasha Caruana, artist.
Catch up on the discussion here


Mehtap Baydu, I Wont Tell If You Wont. Courtesy of Galleri Nev


Presented by MOV’ART, at locations around Art Projects starting at Stand P20a. During a period of economic turmoil from 1921-1926 in then-Portuguese Angola, the ‘High Commissioner’s Bank Notes of 1923’ were issued depicting the inter-racial relationships and the representation of native people. It was agreed to call these bills “Ritas” in reference to the voice and figure that represented the Republic in front of the ballot at that time – Rita – who was the daughter of General Norton de Mattos. ‘Miss GT (I’ll be your waitress tonight)’ is a performance by RitaGT that will inaugurate MOV’ART Gallery’s participation at London Art Fair. RitaGT, wearing an iconic costume and representative of a servant, distributes eatable “Ritas”. The woman’s body, white, Portuguese, and therefore privileged, shows itself in a place of exhibition and facilitation, bringing a discussion of colonial legacy that does not obliterate racism and slavery.


Presented by Galleri Nev on Stand P20a. Mehtap Baydu focuses on questions about gender, identity, migration politics, and possible forms of transgression with a performative approach.  ‘Reden ist Silber’’ is a (sculptural) installation produced by the artist in 2010 and is based on the old Turkish saying “Speech is silver, but silence is gold”. Baydu collaborated with 21 women who she approached from across the world, modelling their lips while they were silent and re-produced the moulds in bronze covered gold. Baydu will re-stage the performance at the London Art Fair using another form of material, namely sealing wax.


Presented by Perve Galeria, at locations around Art Projects starting and ending at Stand P17a. As many feminist artists that often embrace alternative materials that are traditionally and historically more connected to the female gender, Alice Borges and Natasha Emily Lynch create their work, using materials, which do not have the same historically male-dominated precedent. The artists will produce and dismantle a site-specific work on a daily basis using weaving as technique. The performance reflects over the traditional role of the woman (weaver) using a critical perspective of what continues to happen with the female condition in many parts of the world and how she continues to carry with her dreams of a better life.