Why Sponsor

The London Art Fair is a great opportunity for your brand to deliver a powerful message to a targeted audience of affluent ABC 1 visitors.

We will work with you to create a bespoke campaign to suit your requirements and with our knowledge, passion and experience, we will produce the most effective solution for your brand that will deliver on clear indicators, supporting a return on investment.


London Art Fair 2020


The Art Projects Artist Award aligns with the Art Projects section of the Fair, championing emerging galleries & artists.

Your support will offset the costs for a winning gallery to showcase their work at the Fair allowing them to further support an emerging artists’ career. It will create a strong narrative around supporting the next generation of young talent with the opportunity to work with the winning artist on a future project.

London Art Fair 2020


Align your brand with London Art Fair’s VIP Programme, made up of HNWI, art collectors, investors, buyers, C-Suite FTSE 100, society figures, celebrities, senior press and top clients of our exhibiting galleries.

The VIP Programme is a curated schedule of events happening within the Fair and across London institutions and art galleries. There is scope to create curated content at your venue accessing this affluent top tier audience.



Alongside our package opportunities, we can build a partnership to meet your specific needs and objectives as a business. London Art Fair offers as a platform for increasing brand awareness, launching a new product or entertaining clients in a unique way.

There are various ways to support, from a sponsored talk to supporting our Photo50 exhibit, to an installation as part of our Platform exhibit – the theme of ‘Music and Art’ for LAF 2022, to a headline partnership.


‘It was a pleasure for Switzerland Tourism together with our Cities partners to have participated at the London Art Fair once again. We’re delighted in terms of show visitors, LAF maintained its strong market position in 2020 and we were pleased with the level of interaction our stand presence afforded us, as well as our participation at the panel talks. Not forgetting the marketing element of our partnership as well of course, which gave us and our partners that additional visibility on your LAF channels.’

Simon Henwood Director of Marketing, Switzerland Tourism

‘I came out of the exhibition feeling inspired.’

‘My friends and I love the London Art Fair – this was our third time attending. Thanks to the organisers.’

‘We learnt a great deal and felt inspired by the exhibitions.’

Visitor Testimonials

London Art Fair 2020, Switzerland Tourism Stand


For further information and to discuss a tailored opportunity based on your strategic needs and objectives, please contact: 

Ethan Issac
Sponsorship Manager