Blue: spirit Rider: defending knight

Bluerider ART, founded in 2013 by Elsa Wang, an entrepreneur in IT business. Naming of Bluerider is inspired by the avant-garde art group "Der Blaue Reiter" (The Blue Rider) initiated by Wassily Kandinsky, emphasising its spiritual art principles. Bluerider ART recruits art enthusiasts to form a professional team, representing and promoting internationally acclaimed artists with unique and innovative styles, offering high-quality professional collection services. Currently with four locations in key cities across Europe and Asia: Bluerider ART London·Mayfair, Bluerider ART Shanghai·The Bund, Bluerider ART Taipei·DunRen and Bluerider ART Taipei·RenAi, dedicated to bridging the artistic traditions of the East and West while preserving historical legacies and creating new directions.
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Tickets to London Art Fair 2024 are now on sale. Secure your place at the inaugural event of the art world calendar, running January 17-21 at the Business Design Centre.