Established in 1963, David Messum continues to expand the family business with the opening of a new principal London venue in the heart of St. James’s in April 2020. The gallery, a prestigious space over two floors, offers the chance to view works of art by 19th and 20th Century British artists, on whose names the reputation of the company was founded, together with a regularly changing exhibition program focusing on the Contemporary Artists and Artist Estates represented by David Messum.

The company also operates from Messum's Studio Gallery, based in the grounds of Lord's Wood; the heart of David Messum Fine Art Ltd. It is at the Studio that the Artist Estates are researched and cared for and the exhibitions are conceived and planned. The Studio is also home to Studio Publications, the in-house publishing firm which has produced fine art catalgoues and books since the early 1980s. The online exhibitions are manged by the team at the Studio and featured works can be viewed in the Studio galleries, by appointment.
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