James Freeman Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Islington, London, UK.

Established in 2003, the gallery explores contemporary approaches to historicism, presenting artists who combine current tendencies with art-historical references and research. In particular, the gallery aims to present artists who do this in a way that is both aesthetically powerful & technically accomplished. Wonderful artworks are what we look for, works that engage the eye, the heart and the mind.

The gallery programme presents a mixture of solo exhibitions and curated group shows that explore this historical focus. As well as exhibiting established artists, we often work with younger artists to give them an early platform to present and develop their practice. This discovery of young talent has been a focus of the gallery since the very beginning, and indeed the gallery has worked with many of our represented artists since their earliest stages.

Over the years we have exhibited widely at both national and global level, including fairs and gallery collaborations in the USA, Europe and Asia. We continue to organise off-site shows both in the UK and abroad as a platform for our artists’ work.
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