LAF Recommends: Alternative Realities

For December, LAF Recommends and welcomes the viewer to escape the everyday and reimagine themselves. The exhibitions in this edition are presented as alternative realities, offering us a moment to reflect on the current global emotions that have been felt from the pandemic. 

Find calm within colours and shapes at solo exhibitions by Fred Coppin, presented by Candida Stevens and Ian Gouldstone at Sim Smith.

Connecting emotions around a ‘new normal’ are shows from Melanie Miller, presented by Long & Ryle Gallery and contemporary duo, Olivia Bax and Hannah Hughes, who draw upon their shared experiences of the pandemic, displayed at Sid Motion.

FLOWERS Gallery hosts figurative portraits searching for identities by Stuart Pearson Wright. The solo show from James Freeman Gallery with Guillermo Martin Bermejo’s series of portrait drawings, connects to an inner romantic world. 


Through a series of paintings artist, Fred Coppin, captures an eternal sense of optimism, demonstrated through a distinctive combination of amplified colour and playful forms.

The world is exaggerated and shown as a permanent dream-like state, allowing the viewer, to linger in a moment of utopian calm.

Closing 19 December 


Step into a graceful performance in technology, exploring notions of chance, imagination and the importance of connection at a time when we are apart.

Through coloured shapes the gallery space is transformed into its own computer-simulated ecosystem, inviting the viewer to observe the shapes and connect them to our own reality. 

Closing 19 December 


A shared feeling of unfamiliarity and uncertainty has loomed over 2020 and this solo exhibition from artist Melanie Miller, presents objects that are all recognisable, but their settings are not.

The show is a combination of found and cast objects, which continue and expand on ideas that have come from paintings. 
Closing 15 January


Sid Motion Gallery presents artists, Olivia Bax and Hannah Hughes, in a collaborative mixed media exhibition – drawing inspiration from experiential documentary film, The Gleaners and I (2000), and their similar experiences of making during a pandemic. 

Closing 18 January 


An online viewing room from FLOWERS Gallery presents rich irreverent but detailed figurative portraits from London-born artist, Stuart Pearson Wright.

The works escape from the screen with the sitters commanding attention as the viewer searches for clues to their identities. 

Closing 20 December 


The solo show by artist, Guillermo Martin Bermejo, describes a romantic inner world populated by the creative minds that have comforted and inspired him.

The exhibition is a series of pencil drawings, stretching from simple portraits drawn on pages taken from old books to elaborate scenes where characters interact with the settings and traditions of the artist’s village in the mountains of north Madrid.

Closing 24 December