LAF Selects: Paul Robinson

Paul Carter Robinson | CEO, Artlyst

Paul Carter Robinson FRSA, is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Artlyst. He is a senior arts and culture professional, who began collecting and dealing in contemporary art 20 years ago.

He is a respected and dynamic figure on the London art scene and the author of the book 20th Century Pewter Art Nouveau To Modernism (ACC, 2012). He has been an active art journalist/reviewer and editor for the last 10 years.

Paul is a Fellow of the RSA as well as member of NUJ (National Union of Journalists). See interview Careers talk: The Guardian

Paul Robinson

On this years Selection, Paul says…

“All of the works selected are a mix of mid-20th century and contemporary art by a diverse group of painters, sculptors and printmakers.”

Paule Vézelay, A Simple Composition 1968 Courtesy of England and Co
Dorothy Mead, Self portrait 1970 Courtesy of Waterhouse & Dodd
Nigel Hall, Sea Dawn 2005 Courtesy of Zuleika Gallery

Paule Vézelay, A Simple Composition (detail), 1968. Courtesy of England and Co

“The print is a fine example of mid-20th century abstraction.”

Dorothy Mead, Self portrait (detail), 1970. Courtesy of Waterhouse & Dodd

“I admire the handling of paint and colour in this mid-20th century abstracted portrait reminiscent of David Bomberg.”

Nigel Hall, Sea Dawn (detail), 2005. Courtesy of Zuleika Gallery

“This minimalistic sculpture is definitive of this artist’s practice.”


Atta Kwami, Drogba, 2011-14. Courtesy of Beardsmore Gallery

“This painting successfully shows colour and form in the best way possible.”

Shinzan Kirihara, Regaining Our Substance, 2021. Courtesy of Kitai. 

“I have never heard of this artist before but was drawn to her immersive installation.”

Keith Vaughan, Two Bathers By A Pool (detail), 1968. Courtesy of Osborne Samuel.

“This mid 20th century figurative painting boldly shows subject matter that would have been problematic two years earlier.”