Discover snippets of the long-standing history between Malta and the Royal navy. 


Visit Malta, Liam Gauci

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The island of Malta is famous for its rich history. Heritage Malta the national agency for culture heritage has in recent years uncovered a new facet to this rich history. Such facets are brought to life by a number of artifacts now held in the national collection. Bohemian trumpet glasses bearing the coat of arms of the prince of Malta, Sherds of 18th century coffee cups, silver sorbet spoons  and unique paintings that bring to life the bustling harbour life. Such artifacts which adorn the national collection focus on the sophisticated and regal side of the harbour of Malta. An aspect which will be brough to the forefront during this presentation.  Liam Gauci the senior curator of the Malta Maritime Museum will be sharing these snippets of history to colour in the canvas that is the long-standing love affair between Malta and the Royal navy. 

Harbour view

Image credits: HM Digitization department


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Liam has been the Curator of the Malta Maritime Museum for 13 years. He has published over 40 articles on Maritime history and published his first monograph on Maltese Corsairs in 2016. He is currently writing his second book about the corsairs which will further delve into the lives of the sea going community at Malta in the late 18th century. He is an alumni of Department of History at the UOM and currently is a visiting lecturer at the department of Archaeology at UOM. In recent years he has directed the catering arm of Heritage Malta which deals with recreating historical foods for local and foreign markets.

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