London Art Fair’s 2018 curator for Photo50 is the Hemera Collective; a curatorial and collaboration led group specialising in photography and lens-based media, producing exhibitions and participatory programmes that draw from multiple disciplines with the aim to encourage new perspectives and facilitate debate.



The curatorial Hemera Collective was established in 2012 specialising in photography and lens-based media. Working with established and early-career artists, as well as photographic archives.

Recent projects include Planetary Gardening, PhotoAccess, Canberra, 2017; Sites and Citations, ONCA, Brighton Photo Fringe, 2016; Secret Agent, Guest Projects, London, 2016 & the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, 2015. Since 2014 they have also published the London and New York Photography Diaries.

The Collective has been developed through the collaborative work of various individuals including present members Jaime Marie Davis, Ashley Lumb, Helen Trompeteler and Kay Watson.

hemera-collective.com @HemeraPhoto


Presenting Resolution is not the point., The exhibition will explore the photographic image as a focal point for collaboration and discussion across a number of fields including histories, science, technology and contemporary art.



Photo50 is London Art Fair’s annual exhibition of contemporary photography, providing a critical form for examining some of the most distinctive elements of current photographic practice. Guest curated every year, it highlights a timely theme in current photography and adds a space and context to the photography presented by galleries at the Fair. 

Photo50 is supported by Photography Focus Day taking place on the Wednesday of the Fair with a programme of talks and tours led by practitioners and experts. 


2017’s installment ‘Gravitas‘ presented a group exhibition of lens-based works, curated by Christiane Monarchi. “‘Gravitas’ refers to one of the core personal virtues taken by ancient Roman society as an important part of the expression of a purposeful life, a facet of the ideal and well-rounded citizen. It denoted depth as well as a seriousness and solemnity of character. The presence of gravitas signalled the transition of the Roman youth from the ranks of boyhood to become a respected member of society. Artistic representation of the interior world of children and adolescents as they enter the adult world is fraught with challenges: not least the existence of taboos regarding the portrayal of children in the media under the age of consent. However, at a time when childhood itself comes under increasing pressure from society in many real and virtual arenas, the path through adolescence constitutes a fascinating journey worth illuminating for both artistic and sociological discourse.” – Christiane Monarchi explains the exhibition. Gravitas artists included Madison Blackwood, Bronte CordesSian DaveySophie GreenFrances KearneyBaptiste LignelAnthony LuveraMelanie ManchotWendy McMurdoYvette MonahanSpencer MurphyJeremy Sutton-HibbertAbbie Trayler-Smith

Young Girl (iii)' © Wendy McMurdo 2016

Young Girl (iii)’ © Wendy McMurdo 2016

Photo50 2018 is kindly supported by Genesis Imaging

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