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Display of artworks by Arusha Gallery London Art Fair 2020
Display of artworks by Arusha Gallery London Art Fair 2020


Platform is a section focusing on a single theme or discipline, the upcoming 2021 edition of Platform will explore Folk Art.

Folk Art is rooted in traditions that come from community and culture. At a time when the world is challenged and changing, curator Candida Stevens will look at our cultural heritage, our communities and our identity, and how artists working in the Folk tradition have chosen to pass on this knowledge and inspiration.

The previous edition of  Platform presented Threading Forms curated by Candida Stevens, bringing to the fore a selection of galleries capturing the breadth of different artists working in textiles and the growing appreciation of the medium as a beautiful and collectible art form.


You can register your interest in the  3rd edition of Platform at London Art Fair 2021 by emailing Ana Bruque at .

Stands in the Platform section are subsidised by London Art Fair and range from 8m² to 13.25m² at a sqm. rate of  £254 + VAT once the gallery has been accepted. Please note that applying to Platform does not require an application fee and the section is open to UK-based and international galleries.